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first date ideas

Well, now I believe it.


first date ideas

Well, now I believe it.

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Let me count the ways

  1. Target Audience: Allen Gregory is crap aimed at adults; Breadwinners is crap aimed at kids
  2. Animation: Allen Gregory is better animated
  3. Writing: Allen Gregory is able to tell a coherent story
  4. Pandering: Breadwinners is forced to pander to its target audience to exist

Is it coming out this week?

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butthurt white people

I love how they rlly hate to see someone doing better than them & then put it off on race like if a white dude had the same achievements no one would be doing anything but sucking his dick and patting him on the back like this is some top tier hater shit & it’s so funny

White people love to bring up affirmative action as if their entire lives aren’t a fucking breeze

They’re acting like this kid didn’t put in work to get where he is though. They literally think it was handed to him because he’s black???? Yeah that’s definitely how America works

I love how one Asian and Middle eastern are considered “White” Like deadass, do you know how many scholarships there are just for being Hispanic or Black?

Why is the last post from that girl from persona 3 or whatever?

I actually know this kid because me and him are in the same Health class in the same school.

But yeah, apparently segregation still “exists” according to these people in the comments.

Why are people this fucking stupid.

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